Worship - What To Expect

Here at Hawkins FUMC we understand Sunday morning worship as a vital part of our life together and representative of our place in the community.  We believe it is a time of gathering, enfolding and nurture.  As the people of the UMC we are committed to being the church of "Open Doors, Open Minds and Open Hearts" which means there are no prerequisites to walk through our door, all are welcome to gather in.  Expect that you will meet people who are welcoming and happy to see you.  Prayerfully you will, as we do, connect to our worship in a way that nurtures your spirit and encourages your heart in seeking after Jesus.

So, that's all the deep and theological stuff, what about the practicalities?  Well we are a relatively casual bunch, so dress comfortably.  In our community you will see suits and dresses and you will see jeans and tee-shirts, just come.  If you are a life long Methodist, worship will be familiar.  If you came from another tradition, or no tradition, as many of our members do, nothing about our worship is daunting.  Our worship bulletins are designed to lead you through.

The word Methodist was originally a pejorative used against John Wesley and his friends as their bible study and ministry activities were accomplished in such a methodical fashion.  In relation to our worship it means you can know what to expect and that we will start on time and end on time because we respect your time.


In the United Methodist tradition there are only two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.  We accept the baptisms of other Christian traditions. We welcome those seeking to understand a new faith and receive baptism.  

Holy Communion is practiced on the first Sunday of every month and on special Sundays and Holy Days.  We believe that the Lord's table is open to all "who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another."  It is not a requirement that you be a Methodist or a member of our church to receive the gracious gifts of the table.

We invite you to seek conversation and counsel with our pastor if you have questions.


Most importantly, know that membership is not a requirement to participate fully in worship or in the life and ministry of the our church community.  No one will ever require that you become a member.  You may be invited from time to time, but always it will be your decision.  What is more important is that you become part of the community as a place of nurture and support through all of life. In good times and difficult times our faith community is our strong foundation.

Here again, our pastor invites and encourages questions and conversation to understand membership within the United Methodist communion.


The doors are always open, and there will always be an invitation to more.  What is most important to us is that you understand that you are being invited into a community that wants to come along side you in your journey as a follower of Jesus the Christ.  Our prayer is that we are making a space for everyone to find support, encouragement and love as we all continue our journeys, each on our on path, wrestling with our own questions, but all fixed on Jesus.