Life Together

"The scriptures know nothing of solitary religion"

-- John Wesley

To follow in his line of thinking the scriptures point to a God who created humanity to live in communion and community.  Life can not be understood, lived fully, and celebrated as the gift it is without others.

At Hawkins FUMC we take every opportunity to live, grow and celebrate in the company and embrace of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Come and see!

Celebration Picnic

In keeping with the finest of Methodist traditions we frequently find cause to share table and a meal in our faith community.  The Celebration Picnic was brought about by a number of occasions.  It fell on Father's day, a time to celebrate all the men in our lives who have been a father.  In addition this Sunday fell between Flag Day and July 4th and so we celebrate the special gift that is freedom and all that it means in our lives.  And finally we celebrated the reappointment of our pastor to this church for another year.  It is all too easy to become fixated on the struggles of this life.  We are reminded in our community of faith that we are blessed and in our sharing a blessing to others.