Hawkins First United Methodist Church

"A Heart For Hawkins in the Heart of Hawkins"

Hawkins First United Methodist Church stands on property that was gifted to our founding Methodist community in 1885.  Through the good times and bad this church and its faithful have remained a committed part of the Hawkins and southeast Wood County community.  Today Hawkins F.U.M.C. remains a vibrant community of faithful followers of Jesus the Christ.  We hold firmly to our denomination stand to be the people of "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors."  For our community this means that whoever you are, where ever you have come from, regardless of what you do or do not know of God, you are welcome here.  We invite you to join all of us as pilgrims on the journey of a lifetime.

Sunday Mornings

Our community time on Sunday mornings is built around small groups and worship.  In keeping with our historical Wesleyan and United Methodist traditions we are a focused on making disciples of Jesus, which begins in gathering.  All are welcome.  Our community is comprised of individuals and families from many faith traditions and those with no tradition.  Yet, together we are in agreement in our choice to be followers of Jesus wherever he leads.  We invite you to come and check us out, ask your questions, and make yourselves at home.

                                     Sunday Small Groups         8:45          Young Hall & Wesley House

                                             Gathering Time          9:30          Young Hall

                                                        Worship          10:00         Sanctuary

How Can I Help

The United Methodist Church provides to its members, and to any other person who may want to help, a way to have immediate impact in those areas of our world recently hit by natural disasters.  UMCOR works both within the United States and around the world.  The benefit of giving through UMCOR is that the daily cost associated with operating UMCOR comes from the weekly giving of UM churches.  This means that when you make gifts at times like this, 100% of your giving goes directly to those areas in need.  If you click on the image above you will be taken directly to the UMCOR Current Disaster giving page.  On that page and website you may learn more as well as give.  There is a place in the giving section to direct your giving if you would like to do so for your gift.