Hawkins First United Methodist Church

"A Heart For Hawkins in the Heart of Hawkins"

Hawkins First United Methodist Church stands on property that was gifted to our founding Methodist community in 1885.  Through the good times and bad this church and its faithful have remained a committed part of the Hawkins and southeast Wood County community.  Today Hawkins F.U.M.C. remains a vibrant community of faithful followers of Jesus the Christ.  We hold firmly to our denomination stand to be the people of "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors."  For our community this means that whoever you are, where ever you have come from, regardless of what you do or do not know of God, you are welcome here.  We invite you to join all of us as pilgrims on the journey of a lifetime.

Sunday Mornings

Our community time on Sunday mornings is built around small groups and worship.  In keeping with our historical Wesleyan and United Methodist traditions we are a focused on making disciples of Jesus, which begins in gathering.  All are welcome.  Our community is comprised of individuals and families from many faith traditions and those with no tradition.  Yet, together we are in agreement in our choice to be followers of Jesus wherever he leads.  We invite you to come and check us out, ask your questions, and make yourselves at home.

                                     Sunday Small Groups         8:45          Young Hall & Wesley House

                                             Gathering Time          9:30          Young Hall - Coffee & Donuts and All Are Welcome.

                                                        Worship          10:00         Sanctuary

Childcare is available from 8:30 to 11:15 for Sunday School & Worship

You Can Find Last Week's Message Here

Methodist Respond To Hurricane Dorian & S.E. Texas Flooding

The United Methodist Church has a long history of Disaster Response through the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  UMCOR is at work around the world throughout the year.  All of the administrative costs associated with operating UMCOR is covered by the regular giving of United Methodist Chruches.  As a consequences, when disaster strikes and there is an outpouring of support through giving, with UMCOR, all giving goes to meeeting needs in the designated area of response.  If you would like to assist this link will take you to UMCOR Disaster Response.  Feel free then to move about the site and see all the ways UMCOR is at work.

Message series - "Harvest"

October 6th  to  october 27th

As summer gives way to fall, October and November, we see signs of the end of the growing seasons and the coming of Harvest time. In rural communities like ours it is not hard to see.  But still, do we really appreciate as our forefathers the meaning of harvest?  Do we understand just how powerful an idea it was for the people of Isreal and the bible?  For those of us not farming or gardening do we consider how vital farmers and harvest are to our daily lives?  Do we remember that God promised us harvest and calls us all to the harvest field?  Why?  Link to our Facebook page for detail on this Sunday's message.