Hawkins First United Methodist Church

"A Heart For Hawkins in the Heart of Hawkins"

Hawkins First United Methodist Church stands on property that was gifted to our founding Methodist community in 1885.  Through the good times and bad this church and its faithful have remained a committed part of the Hawkins and southeast Wood County community.  Today Hawkins F.U.M.C. remains a vibrant community of faithful followers of Jesus the Christ.  We hold firmly to our denomination stand to be the people of "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors."  For our community this means that whoever you are, where ever you have come from, regardless of what you do or do not know of God, you are welcome here.  We invite you to join all of us as pilgrims on the journey of a lifetime.

Beginning July 3rd

Over the past twenty-seven weeks we have been considering the parables of Jesus.  We have tried to listen carefully as Jesus taught us Kingdom values and called us to live lives that express a Kingdom ethos.  As we listened to those parables it may have, at times, become a bit uncomfortable.  It is not hard to see ourselves as being those who fail to live up to the teaching.  So here is a good place to remind ourselves of rule number one in the study of scripture, "context is everything."  All of the parables as well as all of the teaching of Jesus comes to us in the context of our relationship with him.  It all comes to us in the enfolding love and grace of our Rabbi and Savior.  So for the next several weeks we will give some thought to our lives and our time with Jesus in the embracing and transforming gift of grace.

Sunday Mornings

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Sunday School  8:45  Young Hall & Sanctuary

Gathering Time 9:30 Young Hall

      Worship  8:30   Sanctuary

No Childcare At This Time

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