Hawkins First United Methodist Church

"A Heart For Hawkins in the Heart of Hawkins"

Hawkins First United Methodist Church stands on property that was gifted to our founding Methodist community in 1885.  Through the good times and bad this church and its faithful have remained a committed part of the Hawkins and southeast Wood County community.  Today Hawkins F.U.M.C. remains a vibrant community of faithful followers of Jesus the Christ.  We hold firmly to our denomination stand to be the people of "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors."  For our community this means that whoever you are, where ever you have come from, regardless of what you do or do not know of God, you are welcome here.  We invite you to join all of us as pilgrims on the journey of a lifetime.

COVID-19   Limited Re-Opening

The leadership of Hawkins First United Methodist Church has made the decision to begin to re-open for worship.  To support the necessity of continued social distancing we will be conduction two services, 8:30 and 10:00 to spread the community.  Due to limited seating we are requiring that members and visitors call the church office [903.769.2973] to determine available seating at either service.  Masking for all is required.  No handshaking or hugging please.  Please avoid congregating anywhere that prevents others from passing safely.  Upon arrival please follow the instruction of ushers.


OCtober 25th - November 22nd

All HFUMC worship is live streamed on our Facebook page.

There are many things within the life of a follower of Jesus that we can wrestle with.  There are things we can agree and disagree about.  However, there remain some fundamental things that are necessities.  As we make our faith journeys through this life, following Jesus we find that all the gifts that are poured out on us are not our to keep to ourselves.  They are life giving and necessarily we must pass them along.  We must share them. Join us for the next few weeks as we consider some of the necessities of life as a Jesus follower.  At the end of the series Rev. John Gondol will join us, for two Sundays, and consider necessities from a Wesleyan point of view.  If you join us on-line a worship guide can be found HERE.

Sunday Mornings

Streaming On-Line Worship on Our Facebook page

Our community time on Sunday mornings, due to COVID, is confined to worship at this time.  In keeping with our historical Wesleyan and United Methodist traditions we remain focused on making disciples of Jesus, which begins in gathering.  Though all are welcome, we are working within the constraints of our facility and concern for the health of everyone.  Please contact the church office for details and to determine if space is available for the scheduled service

      Worship      8:30  & 10:00     Sanctuary

No Childcare At This Time

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